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Step into a space where content creators tell their stories of who they are, what they do and how they came to be. Slide into Awesome ExileZ where a variety of topics will encompass your dreams of what you wish to be and do. Hosted by Cor955, DocR (Ryan), Spiderfan, Crash Exile, AliTheZombie13 and Linda Irwin. Channel art work by Katophoenix. Come for the curiosity, stay for the experience.
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Created by AwesomeExileZ February 28th, 2022 97 views
Cor955, DocR, Spiderfan, Lawborn/Crash Exile and Linda Irwin discuss when the actual down fall of VidLii came about as well as their hopes pinned on a new site, VidBlue, which never came to pass after the developer and owner was doxxed. This would change, however, with the project re-surfacing nearly 3 years later under a new name: WeVidi! Follow us back through time to see the events that would later lead to the formation of this community.