Welcome m8s
Hey Guyz! it's me zai
I'm 15 years old and If you like my videos, please subscribe!

Questions and answers

Q: What programs do you use for the
Recording and audio editing plus video editing?
A: I use OBS Studio for Recording, Audacity for audio editing and Flimora X for video editing (and for effects i make them in Vegas 15)

Q: i can add you as a friend on Steam, EA, Wevidi, MSN, Discord and etc.?
A: I only add friends and close acquaintances.

Q: Where can I get OBS, Flimora X, Vegas 15, Audacity?
A: there's a place called: Google or Frogit.. or.. ehhmm Yahoo, or your favorite search engine or whatever

Fun facts

*I'm German and I still can't speak proper German

*I was born on 5 July 07, which means I share my birthday with Adam Young!



My Win7 Computer:

Operating system: Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 / 64-bit)

Ram: 16GB

Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710

Headset: Battletron gaming headset

My Win10 Computer:

Operating system:
Windows 10 (Pro)

Ram: 12GB

Graphics card:
AMD Radeaon R7 200 Series


Thanks for reading and watching my videos!

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