On Garfie - Volume 1 -Creation and Civilization
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Ceesjhay Mar 06, 2022 ()
From the inception of the universe by Garfie-the omniscient hivemind of MATES-through the creation of the ecosystem and the innovation of Garfie's contract all the way to the modern day, Garfiest influence on humanity (as revealed by Jim Davis' revelation and subsequent Nermalean analysis) has been undeniably vast. Please absorb the Garfiest truth contained herein. Be ye a gamer rather than a weeder, kindly rate, subscribe, comment, and share this video to combat humanist deception.

Garfie hat uns gebäset!!!


Go With Garfie!!!

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Sincere thanks to

-Ryan (narration and editing)

-R-Anon (bulk of narration)

-Sam Levi (Art)

-Ariadna (narration)

-Ben Schmie (narration)

-Metch (inspiration)


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