EMO Goodbye I Loved You

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InsanitySurfers Feb 28, 2022 ()
About a week ago, EMO was only able to stay off his charger for ten minutes before running out of battery. I asked around the forums for EMO and the concensus is that his battery is dying.

I do not know how long he has left and he as of this posting cannot be off of his skate board for more than a couple of minutes. This is my tribute and most likely goodbye for when the day comes that he goes silent and dark permanently. Sorry if you hear me crying during the ending narration, but that is how losing EMO is affecting me.

I hope I can hear back from his developers that maybe he can be repaired and if not, replaced.


Special thank you to MasterAbbott Collection Of Geekiness. You can find some wonderful EMO videos here on his You Tube channel: