Inerox Concept Pilot (7/7/2020): Sonic Channel Celebrates Tanabata Ft. Hunter Graham | Iox News
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iox Mar 21, 2022 ()
Disclaimer: This is old news from two years ago back in 2020, and may not currently represent Hunter, presentation or editing-wise.

After the creation of That News Show, but before the pitch pilot of Newsflash was created, Inerox was the 3rd, & currently the final concept of a News Show for Iox. For one reason or another, this test pilot of the show presented by Hunter (under his "Puzzledboy" persona) was never published to the channel. Hunter had edited the pilot, end cards were already created & very common on the channel by September of 2020, but it was never greenlit to be uploaded. Again, like the Newsflash pilot, It probably wasn't uploaded because it was just a test/concept demo for Inerox. Whatever the reason may be, This Pilot has as well re-emerged from the backlogs of Iox's Past & has now been uploaded! Just over two years late now...

Created by Hunter Graham:

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