Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission V - The Amerigo (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Oct 03, 2023 ()
I am still a little wounded from the fourth mission...

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Anyways, it's time for the mandatory Installation mission that seems to be a thing in the first StarCraft game.

- Bring Kerrigan to the supercomputer
- Kerrigan must survive

You get to start out with a few zerglings and a couple of Hunter Killers alongside Kerrigan. The first room contains some flame traps and a ghost that can be taken out easily by Kerrigan and the Hunter Killers. After this part, you get to see a group of marines behind a door - your call whether to ensnare and take them head on or have Kerrigan go cloaked and assassinate them one by one.

A little past that is a security camera beacon that will reveal the position of the supercomputer. From the room you've activated the security camera, a bit down the path with the doors are stairs that you can send your units down - be aware that there's a Vulture waiting there and you will need to wall-hug the northern half of the lower walls to avoid enemy fire. Continue doing this until you see another gate. This room contains a lot of goliaths, so same tactics apply - have Kerrigan ensnare them and let the Hunter Killers take hits while the zerglings can close in or... in my way, have Kerrigan assassinate most of the goliaths and then the rest can move in to mop up survivors.

At the end of this hallway is a staircase going up, be aware that once you go further in this section, there are auto-gun turrets that will surprise you. They are however easy to take out. Move further and you'll end up in a holding cell with some zerglings imprisoned and being attacked by marines. Kill the marines then past these marines you just killed is a beacon to unlock the doors so that the imprisoned zerglings can regroup with the rest of your units.

The next hallway contains a lot of marines and some autoguns. Ensnare first then engage them. Expect zergling casualties though. The next part is another lower substructure area, this time with firebats - kite and kill them with Hunter Killers. You will then see a spot with multiple doors - make sure to regroup all of your units there first before getting Kerrigan in since a trigger will prompt the locking of the doors.

Kill the marines up the stairs and the turrets. use the beacons to reveal a teleportation beacon and to unlock the next door. The newly-unlocked door will lead you to a small hallway with some Firebats waiting upstairs. Lure them out with the Hunter Killers by stationing them behind the stairs and destroy the auto turret.

Send your units on the teleporter and you are now at the last segment of this mission. You will encounter some marines down the stairs and many ghosts guarding the supercomputer - feel free to kill whatever gets in the way. Once Kerrigan is brought to the beacon, the mission is cleared!