Frosty's Let's Plays: C&C Red Alert (A): Mission IV: Ten to One
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FrostyFlakes Oct 19, 2022 ()
The mission really feels of Deja Vu, isn't it?

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So here's the fourth Allied mission in the first Red Alert game.

- Destroy all Soviet units and structures

The first thing you'll notice in this mission is that this takes place on the same map as Mission Two, the only difference is that it is now expanded. All of your units and buildings from that mission will be carried over here.

The mission objective is simple, eliminate all Soviet presence in the map - units and structures must be eradicated. How I went with this mission is despite of some clumsy moments, I decided to play defensively, hunker down in my base while I mass a sizeable battalion of Allied Light Tanks with some Rangers and Rocket Soldiers in the mix. With enough units massed up, that's when I sent them all to remove the Soviet presence in this mission.

Just a heads up, if you want to play all Split Routes that will be following this mission. It is advised that you save right before clearing this mission.