Frosty's Let's Plays: Warcraft II (Humans) - Mission VII: Grim Batol (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Aug 15, 2023 ()
If it weren't for me spacing out in luring the Bleeding Hollow Clan's Juggernaught, this could have been a no-death clear.

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Here's seventh mission of the Human Campaign in Tides of Darkness, but also the last mission in the Khaz Modan story arc.

- Destroy five Oil Refineries

New Units Introduced: Battleship

You'll start off with a sizeable force of footmen, knights and archers and three peasants and two transports. Let the peasants stay put for now and order your soldiers to go south, kill anything in the way, destroy a part of the wall and capture the two Catapults inside the walls.

There's one more Catapult way down south, but I decided to be a little more surgical since there's a tower down there. Same as before, once the tower and the few enemy troops are removed, destroy the wall and capture the third catapult. Order all combat units (including the catapults) up north, back to your starting spot and start loading them in the transports. Once loaded, make the transports go down river and then unload all units. This will require two trips to get them across the river.

Once done, you'll need to destroy the Black Tooth Grin's base so you can build your own. Carefully destroy the towers and at the same time lure out and kill their units. It's possible to clear this part with all units still intact if you're very careful.

Once you've gotten past the walls, the towers and their troops - you are free to destroy their base, build up a Town Hall and begin gathering resources. There's one downside if you have all or most troops still intact, you'll have to build many farms before you can start training more peasants (My bad on this one, since I was having a nostalgia moment on this level and I thought Bleeding Hollow will attack). If you want immediate training of peasants, you'll have to kill off your ground units and also the transports you start out with.

The second part of the mission will focus more on naval battles so you'll need to build a Lumber Mill then a Shipyard, then a Refinery. Get tankers to build an Oil Platform on the nearest Oil Patch then get a Foundry up. The Gold Mine might be running low on gold at this point but fortunately, there's an island to the east that has another gold mine, get a transport, board some peasants on it then build a Town Hall on that island and get mining.

NOTE: You can skip the Keep if you want to save more resources. Just a Town Hall, Farms, Lumber Mill and the Naval structures are enough to clear this mission due to the focus on the Naval combat.

As your resources pile up, start building some Battleships as their heavy damage will be very vital to the mission objective of this mission - destroying the five Oil Refineries of the Bleeding Hollow Clan. I went with a full group of Battleships for the attack on their base. Destroy any enemy ships along the way then destroy the Refineries. If you want to remove some pressure from the defenses, have some Battleships shoot down the towers or their ranged units.

The mission ends once all five refineries are destroyed.