Frosty's Let's Plays: Warcraft II (Humans) - Mission II: Ambush at Tarren Mill (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Dec 17, 2022 ()
Here comes mission two!

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Another short mission and this can be cleared immediately with your starting units.

- Rescue a captured Elven Archer
- Return him to the Circle of Power

New Units Introduced: Elven Archer, Elven Destroyer (can be built next mission)
New Buildings Unlocked: Elven Lumber Mill

Very short mission overall, you can skip the resource gathering and proceed to assaulting the Prison area in the Northwest right away with your starting units.

Among the possible paths to take, the path to the left is the best route to the Prison where the elves are held since there's not much enemies along the way. Once you are about to get close to the Prison, have a unit to bait out the Troll Axethrowers and kill them.

Have at least two footmen to break the prison walls and approach the imprisoned archers to put them under your control. At this point, have your forces and the rescued archers return to base using the path you've used earlier. Place at least one of the rescued archers on the Circle of Power to meet the victory condition.