Frosty's Let's Plays: Warcraft II (Humans) - Mission V: Tol Barad (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Jan 19, 2023 ()
Also uploaded on YT: 12/29/2022

It's Act Two and things are just about to ramp up... I think.

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Anyways, welcome to Khaz Modan and also Mission Five - the first mission in Act Two for the Human Campaign.

- Reclaim Tol Barad
- Destroy Dun Modr

New Units Introduced: Gnomish Flying Machine, Ballista
New Buildings Unlocked: Gnomish Inventor, Keep, Cannon Tower, Blacksmith

You start with two peasants, a bunch of footmen and archers, a couple of destroyers and an oil tanker in the southwest. The first phase involves taking control of Tol Barad and it's already being attacked by the Orcs. Start off by sending the footmen and archers in the transports and then land them by the attacking orcs, kill them. After unloading the troops, return to your peasants and have them ferried to the nearby isle. Gain control of the base by having one of your ground units approach the red town hall.

From there, build up your economy - get peasants, mine gold and harvest lumber. Build up defenses because your enemy will attack at some points, usually by transport but will occasionally strike with Troll Destroyers. Also get a shipyard up and running so you can get some oil. Build up an army and some ships to get ready for the attack to the enemy base.

If the resources on your island isn't enough, there's an isle to your north where you can get more gold and lumber. Make sure to destroy the enemy Destroyer that's parked nearby before expanding there. There's also an expansion to the northeast, nearing the middle north part, no enemies can be found there thankfully but it's near the enemy base.

Speaking of enemy base, it is found northeast of Tol Barad - make sure you have troops in your transports and Destroyers ready for fight. Be advised that this base has some guard towers, your newly-available Ballista should be handy against them. The mission ends once all enemies have been eradicated.

Take note that there are some Troll Destroyers out at sea guarding oil patches in the northwest and southeast, if the mission doesn't end - it's likely because these aren't destroyed yet or because their Goblin Zeppelin is still flying about.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: No need to upgrade to Keep just yet since I feel that would be a resource sink for this mission.