Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission III - The New Dominion (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Aug 12, 2023 ()
Also uploaded on my YT: 01/12/2023

I was about to save that Command Center of theirs as dessert for my Mutalisks... aw, shame.

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Other than that, welcome to the third mission of the Zerg Campaign.

- Protect the Chrysalis
- Eliminate the Terran threat

Unlike the previous two missions where the Chrysalis had to be carried by a drone, it is now a structure that can be attacked and destroyed. If the Chrysalis is destroyed, then mission ends in a failure.

Now onto the mission itself, start off by getting drones to gather minerals and resources. Place colonies near the chrysalis and turn them into sunken colonies as the spore colonies will do little in the presence of the enemy's frequent attacks with ground units. Build up your economy, upgrade to a Lair and get a Spire soon.

Take the mineral field that's a bit northwest of your starting position, it is lightly guarded so take out the enemies first before taking it. Try getting some defenses in that position once you got a hatchery there since it provides you with a nice line of sight to see whether the Terran Dominion is attacking.

The mission objective is to decimate most of the Terran Dominion's base in the far northwest. This is defended by bunkers and Siege Tanks so the best measure is to build up a huge Mutalisk deathball. I decided to add a bit of hit and run tactics in the mix for my attack on their base.

Once majority of the Terran base is destroyed, Duke will issue a retreat order and this mission will be won.