Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission II: Backwater Station (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Sep 20, 2022 ()
Maybe I should have recorded this when I'm not exhausted from work, lol.

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Time for the second mission of the Terran Campaign for StarCraft Original!

- Eradicate the alien infestation
- Raynor must survive

This is not a destroy all enemies mission despite of what the objective says. This actually means that you have to destroy an Infested Command Center found far northeast of the starting position.

Just for completion purposes, I also showed the optional expansion to the far right of my base. Upon revealing that, I double-backed my units to base to prepare to go up north, destroy a few Zerg and assume control of the Purple base not far from the Creep Colony on the top of the plateau. This mission also introduces a new unit, the Firebat - a close-range Terran infantry unit who uses flamethrowers - great against Zerglings.

After assuming control of the Purple base and an upgrade or two, I've went for a beeline to the mission objective - the Infested Command Center and destroyed it.

P.S since it's so fun to lure out the Zerglings, I did some more luring shenanigans. Raynor being the bait and the Marines being the death trap. xD