Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission IX - New Gettysburg (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Dec 05, 2022 ()
Spacing out randomly is so fun...

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This is the penultimate mission before the final one in the Terran Campaign.

- Destroy the Protoss force
- All Zerg buildings must survive
- Kerrigan must survive

Yep, you heard it right - you need to not let a Zerg structure get destroyed - if even one structure from the Zerg base near your starting area gets blown up, this mission will end in a failure.

I'll summarize the strategy for this mission, build up resources - set up defenses to deal with Zerg attacking your base and destroy the two Protoss bases present in this map. If you intend to include Siege Tanks in the defenses, make sure they're far enough from the Zerg structures so they won't get blasted to chunks. Make sure to let Kerrigan relax in a bunker during the course of this mission.

This mission introduces Battlecruisers - big, tanky yet slow capital ships that deal lots of damage and can unleash a long ranged Yamato Gun against static defenses or enemy units. Use them if you wish to.

The two Protoss bases can be found in the Northeast and Southeast corners of the map - they can be destroyed through Siege Tanks with anti-air support (in my case) or... mass Battlecruisers. Upon destroying these bases - the Zerg will go on a rampage on your base, but the mission end in a victory shortly.

FUN FACT: Some overlords and Kerrigan will become invulnerable to damage once that "cutscene" at the end takes place.