Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission IV - Agent of the Swarm (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Aug 15, 2023 ()
Spacing out and reining in very attack-happy Mutalisks in control is a pain...

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Anyways, it's time for Mission 4 of the Zerg Campaign!

- Protect the Chrysalis until it is ready to hatch

Once the chrysalis is hatched:
- Destroy or infest Raynor's Command Center
- Kerrigan must survive

This mission has two phases. The hatching of the chrysalis and then attacking Raynor's base. You got 10-in game minutes to defend the chrysalis so start building up your economy and position your starting zerglings and hydralisks to the far right of your island to intercept attackers. Continue to build up your base and build defenses until the timer reaches zero.

Once Kerrigan hatches out of the chrysalis, the mission objective changes to either destroy or infest Raynor's command center. Start building up your attacking force - a lot of mutalisks or a mix of hydras/mutalisks to assault Raynor's base. If you need more resources, there are three possible expansions - destroying the base to your south or the outpost to the southeast or the small island in the middle.

The mission ends once Raynor's command center is either destroyed or infested.