Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission I - Among the Ruins (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Dec 21, 2022 ()
A new chapter... and new ways to cause mayhem and carnage to the enemies!

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Welcome to the first mission in the Zerg campaign. This one however functions as an introduction to the Zerg race as their playstyle is different to that of the Terrans.

- Create a Spawning Pool
- Create a Hydralisk Den
- Protect the chrysalis

New Mission Objective (after Zasz's transmission):
- Destroy the Terrans

Your start is pretty much straightforward as this mission doubles as a tutorial to properly introduce the player to how the Zerg race plays in this game. Build drones, build up your resources, get Overlords to keep your supply count in check.

When you have the resources, build a Spawning Pool - best you set up a Creep Colony at the east side of your base. Once the spawning pool is done, get the creep colonies mutated to Sunken Colonies as the enemy here attacks with just infantry units. Keep on building up your resources then get a Hydralisk Den and an Evolution Chamber. Upgrade when you have enough resources.

Take note, your mission objective will change once Zasz informs you about the Terrans. You still need to have a Spawning Pool and Hydralisk Den built as they're required to also trigger the completion of this mission.

To attack the Terrans, you can go for a mix of Zerglings and Hydralisks - with the latter dealing with the few Wraiths that appear in this mission. I, however went with two dozen Hydralisks because ranged attacker and mobility. Consider also taking the expansion that's directly north of your base, destroy the enemies that guard them.