Frosty's Let's Plays: Warcraft II (Humans) - Mission VIII: Tyr's Hand (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Oct 04, 2023 ()
Ended up clumsy on attacking Purple, but did decently on surgically attacking Blue. I guess I'll take that then.

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Mission eight is up and this happens to be one of my personal favorite missions in the game.

- Quell the peasant uprising
- Build a Castle
- Destroy enemy forces

New Units Introduced: Paladin
New Buildings Unlocked: Castle, Church

The way this mission starts is similar to Tol Barad, but without transports and no water since this mission is all taking place on ground. Your starting units consist of 4 footmen and 4 knights, send them a bit north to reach Tyr's Hand (Teal player color) and kill the peasants that are in orange. Take charge of the town by rescuing their Town Hall.

From there, you can start building up an economy and since the town already starts with a Blacksmith, you can fetch the upgrades right away since you can attack either the Blackrock (Red, to the west) or Twilight's Hammer (Purple, directly north of your base) forces even with your starting units! I chose Purple since they have a Blacksmith and can threaten with Catapults later on and Red is the weakest enemy in the map. Destroy their base, but try to be careful since they have a Catapult.

Now with the Twilight's Hammer clan being out of the way, you can continue building up your base. Have some towers to your base entrances since Stormreaver and Blackrock will attack with few units from time to time. You can also expand into the gold mine that previously belongs to the purple orc forces. Upgrade to Castle once you got a Stables built (take note, you must have a Keep). Get a Church up and then upgrade to Paladins and start building your army.

The next enemy force you need to take out is the Stormreaver Clan (Blue) because they're actually the most dangerous enemy in this map. Take too long and they'll start upgrading their units and they'll soon get Ogre Mages which are a major headache to deal with. I went with the tactic of baiting out their enemies with Ballistae, killing off units that fell for the trick then moving in to destroy their base.

Once Stormreaver is out of the battle, the last target are the Blackrock orcs which are the weakest enemies in the mission. No blacksmith means no Catapults and they're just stuck with Grunts and Axethrowers - easy pickings for a big army. Just take note that they have a catapult though.

Once all three orc bases are destroyed, you have a Castle and the peasant uprising from early into mission are taken care of - the mission ends in a victory.