Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission VIII - Eye for an Eye (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Nov 15, 2023 ()
The high templars in this mission almost drove me nuts...

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Here's the eighth mission in the Zerg Campaign, and oh booooy... This one was interesting among the Char missions.

- Destroy the Protoss bases
- Let no dark templar escape
- Kerrigan must survive

You begin with three hatcheries in three corners of the map, these hatcheries are situated next to a beacon which functions as the "exits" to this map. If a dark templar slips past these exits, the mission is lost.

Take note that the dark templar that will attempt to flee is set to "Attack Move" meaning that they'll also attack any of your units that get in their way.

Split your units that are in the main hatchery and distribute them among the exits. You'd want to have Kerrigan at the northwest exit. Add a couple of hydralisks at the northeast exit and the Ultralisks at the southeast exit since this one sees the most action due to its proximity to the two enemy bases. Build up your economy, make drones and make them gather resources. Build your way up to tech tree. Consider taking the two expansions that are near the southeast and northwest hatcheries - I went with Mutalisks so I can bait out the scouts and make them easy to pick off, but a combined force of hydralisks and zerglings should suffice in clearing the expansion areas. Build hatcheries there, get some drones gathering resources there and continue to build you way up to the tech tree. Make sure to add more defenders by the exits while you're at it. The Protoss are quite relentless in their attacks - they attack with zealots, dragoons, high templar, reavers and scouts. The high templar and reavers are the most dangerous enemies as their area of effect can decimate your defenders stationed near the exit beacons.

The actual mission objective here is to destroy the Nexuses. The Protoss outpost that's just south of the northwest hatchery is optional but I decided to just destroy everything in sight. You can attack them with a huge force of zerglings, hydralisks and ultralisks or go for a hit and run style with mutalisks and guardians. Just watch out for the high templars in the blue base.

Once the nexuses are destroyed, the mission ends in a victory.