Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission VIII - The Big Push (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Nov 16, 2022 ()
I tried to heighten my APM for this mission but it seems I ended up getting disoriented and scatter-brained in some parts.

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Now for the eighth mission of the Terran Campaign!

- Eliminate the Confederate forces
- Duke must survive

You start in the Southeast corner of the map with lifted off buildings, two dropships, a bunch of infantry and SCV's, three wraiths and Duke himself, in his battlecruiser - the Norad II.

Send the lifted off buildings, the wraiths and Duke ahead to the site with abandoned add-ons. Land the respective buildings for the add-ons. Starport for the Control Tower, Science Facility for the Covert Ops, the Factory for the Machine Shop and the Command Centers for the Nuke silos. Load up your ground units into the dropships and unload them to the base site. Have the SCV's gather minerals with one building your first supply depot so economy can start flowing in.

While building up resources to attack the Omega Squadron (Brown) base nearby, make sure to have missile turrets near the mineral line to the west. Omega Squadron sometimes loves to bring in Wraiths to attack your SCV's there. Also have some bunkers and tanks stationed at the main entrance to your base. Duke can be stationed there too. Don't be shy to use Duke even in combat because he's a tanky Battlecruiser hero unit, can take on small groups of enemy units and his Yamato gun is handy as a turret delete button. Make sure to have at least two SCV's around as his repair crew though

You have the option to use Ghosts and Nuclear Missiles for this mission but I chose not to because I suck at using nukes. Once you have enough resources, attack the Brown base with a lot of Siege Tanks - have Duke and some anti-air and anti-close range support nearby. Destroy their base, take their resources and take their add-ons if there are any. At this point, you'll concentrate on the efforts to destroy the Delta Squadron (Orange) base.

I went for a combined air and ground attack for the assault on the Delta Squadron base with tanks being the Ground force and Wraiths and Duke for the aerial forces. Once their base is destroyed, you win this mission.