Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission VI - Norad II (No Commentary Run)

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FrostyFlakes Oct 04, 2022 ()
Looks like Duke had a bad landing right smack dab in the middle of enemy territory!

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Anyways onto the mission details...

- Protect the battlecruiser, Norad II
- Bring Raynor and 2 dropships to Norad II

This is a base-building mission. You start off in the middle bottom of the map. Have Raynor lead the way as before you even step into the Confederate base, there are few Zerg burrowed near the starting position - kill them.

Once they're out of the way, quickly assume control of the Confederate base - repair the Engineering Bay and get working on those resources! This will also reveal the position of the Norad II. Have the marines there station in the bunkers. Repair the bunkers back to shape.

Air units are not a good idea to use in this mission due to the Zerg defenses around the battlecruiser are mostly Spore Colonies with suicidal Zerg Scourges who are ready to rip into your air units - the best way is by using ground units instead. Take note that there's an expansion north of your base via ramp, it's guarded by a few Zerg so kill them and you're good to go to take it.

Destroying the Zerg bases are optional, but eliminating them will reduce the pressure on you. Surtur Brood (Blue) can be taken care of by using path from the expansion you've taken and then entering their base through a ramp a bit to the northeast (a bit past a Spore and a Sunken colony). This Zerg force is the one who attack more often.

Garm Brood (Orange) is situated in the north of the map. Feel free to destroy them too. While they will attack from time to time, they're most likely to be a nuisance through their ensnare-happy Zerg Queens.

The proximity of the Norad II is all higher ground and as mentioned earlier, has a ton of Zerg defenses - a lot of Spore Colonies and some Sunken Colonies in the mix - with a bit of burrowed Zerg and some air units. From the ground, this can be accessed through a ramp found a bit southeast of Orange's base.

Send your ground units to go up this ramp and destroy as many of the Zerg defenses surrounding Norad II. If you think its safe to send in the Dropships, send two dropships and Raynor to the crash site of Norad II to finish the mission.