Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission VII - The Trump Card (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Oct 09, 2022 ()
Send in the Zerg!

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Here's the seventh mission of the Terran campaign in StarCraft: Original. This mission can also be speed cleared in within or even less than a minute.

- Bring the Psi-Emitter to the enemy base
- Kerrigan must survive

From the start, immediately lift off the Starport and the Science Facility and send Kerrigan and the few units down to your base, make sure you also have the structures land in a suitable spot at your main base. Also send the marines stationed in the small outpost that's east of your main base to retreat. These two positions will be under attack by enemy Siege Tanks.

Now that you're all set. Send the SCV's to work and build up some resources and at least have the Siege Mode for the Siege Tanks researched at some point. Have at least one bunker and a turret stationed on the middle and the top bridge - these are where your enemy, the Delta Squadron will send in units to attack your base.

In order to reclaim the outpost that's east of your main base. I'd usually bring in a few marines, Kerrigan and at least one or two Siege Tanks with the Science Vessel leading the way. The science vessel will provide vision, cloak Kerrigan and then use Lockdown to disable the enemy Siege Tank on the nearby higher ground then deploy your own Siege tanks to destroy it. The area's clear for taking once its gone. Bring in two SCV's to build a turret near the mineral line and a Command Center. The turret is to deal with enemy Wraiths that will show up from time to time.

With an expansion now taken - continue on to build up your resources, get upgrades and researches and build up an army to attack the Delta Squadron's base, your avenue of attack is from the expansion you've claimed. A force of Marines, Siege Tanks and Goliaths will do the trick. One Science Vessel is enough to provide vision. The SCV carrying the Psi Emitter isn't far behind in this attacking force. My approach is to gradually turtle my way from the outskirts of the enemy base and into the inner parts of their base where the objective is at. The Siege Tanks doing most of the damage whereas the Marines and Goliaths will deal with anything that tries to get close.

Once the coast is clear, send the SCV with the Psi Emitter into the beacon to finish this mission. Make sure to cast Defensive Matrix just for the extra insurance.

The speedrun version of this mission has a similar opening, send Kerrigan, the few units and structures with liftoff to your main base. The only difference is that I'll have the SCV with the emitter positioned to the east bridge (the one leading to the expansion) then have my Science Vessel cast Defensive matrix on it. Then I'll have the SCV make a beeline straight for the beacon for a quick finish.