Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission IV - Jacobs Installation (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Sep 28, 2022 ()
I've decided to make two versions of this run just because I felt like flexing on the Terran Confederacy. Also very pleased that I got to finish this mission without a casualty.

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Onto the fourth mission of the Terran campaign!

- Retrieve the data discs from the Confederate network
- Raynor must survive

This is the first baseless and first Installation mission in StarCraft. For those who don't get the "Installation" part, this is basically an indoor mission. No buildings, just units.

My run of this mission comes in two versions. One that involves the whole squad and a Raynor-only solo but both follow the same path.
In the first fork that is encountered in this mission, take the north-east path to a teleport beacon leading to a room that will reveal the objective location. Once done, take the teleport beacon again then double-back to the first fork - this time take the southwest path as the northwest path has a group of enemy units and a Goliath whereas the southwest path has just enemy SCV's and random enemy civilians or in this case, scientists which won't attack your units.

After taking the flight of stairs, go up north - there are three paths that can be taken, a northwest path leading to holding cells contains critters and Zerglings which will trigger some lore-related dialogue after killing said Zerglings (NOTE: This is optional) and a room a bit to the southeast that will disable the defense turrets encountered along the way (until the next teleport beacon that is).

The path to the northeast won't be safe until you disable the turrets but otherwise you'll only face a few marines along the way. Descend the stairs at the end and try to hug the walls so the enemy Vultures nearby won't be prompted to attack your units.

Ascend the stairs nearby, watch out for a flame turret in the wall and kill the two enemy marines guarding the teleport beacon. Take the beacon and you'll be transported to Sector 1 where the objective is at. At this point, its just a straightforward path to victory - kill anything that gets in the way or use Stimpacks on Raynor so he can speed his way into the objective and finish the mission.