Frosty's Let's Plays: Warcraft II (Humans) - Mission XI: Betrayal and the Destruction of Alterac
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FrostyFlakes Nov 15, 2023 ()
Ugh, I hate character limits. Again, this is a no-commentary clear of the mission.

Clumsy clear but I guess I'll take it. Can't believe I managed to reach this far into the campaign. Also, this is the last mission of the Northlands arc.

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- Free the Mages and Peasants
- Destroy Alterac

New Units Introduced: Mage, Dwarven Demolition Squad
New Buildings Unlocked: Mage Tower

Turns out Alterac has been in league with the Horde all along. You start with a sizable army alongside three Dwarven Demolition Squads and a Mage you will soon gain control of once your units approach him.

You start with no gold, some lumber and oil and no peasants. In order to get workers - you will need to rescue the ones that are imprisoned in a compound directly north of your base. Kill the few footmen along the way and destroy the Cannon Towers with your ballistae. You will lure some enemies out once one of the two cannon towers in the compound has been destroyed. Kill anything that goes out of the compound then destroy the other cannon tower with your ballistae. Again, lure out the enemies and kill them when they leave the compound. Kill any remnants inside the compound if there are any.

There are two more towers that you need to destroy for a safe extraction of the imprisoned mages and peasants. Once you get rid of the towers, break the walls and send in one of your units to gain control of them. Send them all back to your base and start getting resources. Get some farms up, a few towers to the upper entrance since most of the attacks will take place here. Build up a Barracks and a Stables. Build up your resources then upgrade to a castle. Train more units when needed.

Once you got a castle, get a Church built and upgrade your knights to Paladins. You can build a Mage Tower at this point. The Slow spell can be of use against the more dangerous unit types. You got two expansions to use here - you can build a Lumber Mill inside the ruins of the compound to use it as a great source of lumber then there's a gold mine to the east of your base, it has a Dragon though. With a sizable force, you can use them alongside a Mage to destroy them. Lure out the Alterac guards with a fireball then kill them with your Paladins. With the dragon all alone, use a Slow spell then bring in your Archers to kill it. Build a Town Hall in this expansion so you can start gathering the gold there.

Now for the attack on Alterac itself. You need mostly Paladins and Ballistae, but I've decided to add some Rangers and a few Mages in the mix. The entrance to Alterac is lined with some towers and their Stormreaver orc allies. You can surgically take out the Stormreaver orcs and their ballista by using the Mage's Fireball spell to force them out and kill them with your units. Use slow on the ballistae and catapults that they have. Once gone, use your own ballistae to destroy their towers. Once their defenses are down, let your Paladins move in and destroy everything. I say, focus more on their Mages and Mage Tower since they can be annoying to deal with.

The mission ends once Alterac has been destroyed.