Frosty's Let's Plays: Warcraft II (Humans) - Mission XII: The Battle of Crestfall (No Commentary)
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FrostyFlakes Nov 19, 2023 ()
The character limits for the title strikes again!

Anyways, we're now at the final arc of the Human Alliance campaign and this is the first of three missions in the final arc.

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- Destroy Orc Transports
- Destroy all Oil Derricks
- Destroy all Shipyards

New Units Introduced: Gnomish Submarine

You start off with a decently-sized base but you need to build a farm or two to get some peasants to work with production. Once you get these farms up, get the peasants to mine gold and harvest lumber. For oil, it will be a long trip since the oil patches that you can use are in the northwest corner and two in the southeast - one in the corner and one between the two islands that are potential expansions; but this one is guarded.

I went with the guarded one so I can have a means to block incoming attacks - the enemy will primarily use ships but will also bring some units to your main island base. Keep up with the production and have some units defend your main island base, upgrade your units and ships.

For expansions, there are two options, the island at the center and the southeast island. I prefer the southeast one since you are likely to bait out the catapults while trying to take the oil patch. Destroy the towers with cannons and ballistae. I utilized the ballista+transport strategy here so that the enemies further in the southeast island will die to the cannons of Destroyers and Battleships.

Now for the mission objective itself. They're found in the coastline of the big landmass in the northeast. Just destroy the transports, the shipyards and the oil platforms with a huge fleet of battleships accompanied by a flying machine to detect their giant turtles. Once they're all destroyed, this missions ends in a victory. Make sure to also destroy their catapults and cannon towers for a smoother operation.