Frosty's Let's Plays: C&C Red Alert (A): Mission III-A: Dead End (North)
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FrostyFlakes Oct 03, 2022 ()
This one took so long due to a multitude of retries. I wanted to make sure this was a perfect, no-casualty clear since it's doable but goodness gracious, it took me like 10 tries before I finally got what I wanted.

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This is one of the two split route missions that you will encounter very early in the game in the Allied Campaign.

- Destroy all Bridges
- Tanya must survive

The north variation of this mission has the player start with Tanya and an Artillery. The artillery is crucial in this mission since it will make things easier. Order Tanya to move south of the starting position to kill incoming enemy infantry. Also kill the one that's guarding the medic nearby (be careful on what you click or you'll hit the barrels instead and kill the medic).

Once you got the medic rescued, head west. Kill the incoming enemy infantry that will arrive via transport. Head south but at a safe distance outside of an enemy outpost. Have the artillery attack the flame turret while Tanya kills incoming enemy infantry, watch out for the Grenadiers as they deal a lot of damage. Once the flame turret is destroyed, more enemy infantry units will respond to your presence - have Tanya kill them all while the Artillery backs out for a bit. Be mindful of her health though.

Once all enemy infantry in the outpost are killed, you can order the imprisoned engineer and medic to move out and regroup with your small team. You have the option to wreck the outpost once the medic and engineer have joined your team. The Tech Center in that area drops a money crate.

Head south then east ignoring the path. Watch out for incoming enemy infantry and have Tanya kill them. Head further east but cautiously, this will lead you to the enemy's base. The reason you need to be cautious is due to presence of Attack Dogs and Grenadiers - kill the enemy troops. You can lay waste on this base if you want to. Head north but not without destroying the barrels that can be targeted. One side has an enemy V2 launcher that can be destroyed in the chain reaction of exploding barrels (Refer to 4:41 of this video).

Have Tanya lead the way to the north path (the area where you just detonated barrels) and you will see a crossable water path. Kill all enemy infantries stationed there - take note some are hiding in the trees so if your cursor becomes a crosshair. Once that area is cleared, order the Artillery to force fire on the bridge to the left. The bridge on the right can be destroyed with a barrel that's near it.

As for the last two bridges. The distant bridge can be destroyed through detonating barrels through Tanya's gunfire then order her to detonate a C4 on the last bridge. The mission ends in a victory once all four bridges are destroyed.