Frosty's Let's Plays: C&C Red Alert (A): Mission III-B: Dead End (South)
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FrostyFlakes Oct 03, 2022 ()
I wonder if certain missions count neutral units as player casualties. It's kind of mind boggling.

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Anyways, here's the other half of the Split Route missions.

- Destroy all Bridges
- Tanya must survive

Unlike the north variation of the mission - the South variant has a much slower pacing especially later on (if you want to play safe).

From the starting position, order Tanya to go south while killing an enemy rifleman. Go even more south to kill another enemy rifleman. Go east, take note that a medic will emerge from one of the civilian buildings after you pass a bit from the civilian structures. Before you go further into the east, destroy the bridge with Tanya's C4 charge.

With the first bridge down, go further east while killing enemy riflemen and grenadiers along the way. You will bump into a civilian building with a neutral Ranger parked in front of it. Kill the two riflemen guarding it then go north. Station Tanya on top of the plateau to kill another enemy rifleman and detonate the barrels to clear a path for the captured engineers. The barrel detonation will prompt the guards to leave the vicinity. Have the engineers go north of their position (don't forget the cash crate though) and have Tanya and the medic regroup with them.

Go a bit to the west - kill the guards that were previously stationed near the captured engineers since you are likely to bump into them here then a bit upwards. Be aware that the enemy will paradrop a few soldiers. Wait for them to drop on the group then detonate the barrels. Kill any survivors from the detonation.

Order Tanya to go a bit into the east until you see some barrels. Detonate them to clear the blockade so that the Ranger can crash into another set of barrels that will destroy a Flame Tower. Sneak in Tanya into the small enemy outpost and kill every enemy infantry. It is advised to lure away the Grenadiers from the barrels so you can safely extract a second medic.

The slow part begins here. Bring in the Engineers to capture an enemy building. In this case, I went with the Barracks. I trained three Grenadiers so that they can contribute a bit to the Bridge destroying job. Regroup your units in the area where the Tank Blockade was at before. then go west. Wait for everyone to make it across the bridge before ordering your Grenadiers to lob explosives at the second bridge.

The third and fourth bridges can be destroyed in quick succession. Just kill enemy soldiers along the way and detonate the barrels. The most distant bridge will likely get destroyed by Burn damage and have Tanya destroy the last bridge to finish the mission.