Original X-Box Stuff That I Got Recently
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TheVideoGamer64 Oct 09, 2022 ()
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Hello everyone, in this video, I show my Original X-Box games and controller that I got recently. The only thing that I got recently that is not shown in this video of mine is the actual Original X-Box game console itself. That is because my friend is working on it whenever he gets spare time to fix the disc tray. I am still happy that I got the console though. I got six Original X-Box games that I show in this video and an Original X-Box controller. It's a beauty. it's a Blue S Controller for the Original X-Box.

In my opinion, the Original X-Box is the greatest X-Box game console of all time. There was something about it at the time that made the game console unique and very special in it's own way. I remember when it first came out in North America back when I was six years old. The console was released on November 15th, 2001. Ever since then, I knew I would own one. It might of took nine years after it's release before I got my own Original X-Box, but played it before at my friend's house back when I was in Elementary School. I cherish those memories forever! :)

I was so happy when I got my own Original X-Box in 2010. It lasted a good long time, which lasted ten years before it tore up. Then two years later in 2022 (this year as of making and recording this video.) I got me another Original X-Box console. Even though the disc tray in my current Original X-Box console don't open without force, I'm still happy to have it because it can still be fixed and in working order again!

I hope y'all enjoy reading this description even though it was pretty long. Most of all, I hope y'all enjoy the video of mine. The video was originally recorded and published on here on October 9th, 2022. If y'all enjoy the video. Feel free to comment, like / rate this video 5 stars and don't forget to Subscribe to see more videos on here. Enjoy everyone! Keep On Gaming and Keep Collecting Forever! :)