Smitty Q&A
Q: How many people animate these?
A: Mainly me, but I get a few people here and now
Q: What program do you use to make cartoons?
A: Macromedia Flash 8
Q: What frame rate do you use?
A: Either 24 or 25
Q: What inspired your art?
A: Main inspirations come from some of the obscure shows that aired in the 2010's, Eddsworld, Ren and Stimpy, Disney, and Looney Tunes shorts from the 40s - 50s.
Q: How long have you been using flash?
A: Since the summer of '22
Q: Can you put me in a toon?
A: sorry but no.
Q: Can i make a YTP or edit of your videos?
A: Indeed you can. Just credit me alr?
Q: Do you have any art advice?
A: Keep creating no matter how bad it is, and don't live on compliments.
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