YouTube Alternative: WeVidi - customizable channels & more
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eclecRC Feb 23, 2022 ()
Hello everyone! I'd like to announce the formal launch of the Wevidi Public Beta! A new site for creators and their
communities to enjoy content. Come create your account with a huge amount of customization, apply to be a creator and
upload up to 1080p content with 3 hour videos.

You'll have a variety of ways to interact with your community! Don't want to deal with the hassle of an application?
Then back the project, and you'll gain access to the creator features. We also have security factors such as 2FA,
that most alt video sites don't have.

We've even got a community discord that you can take part in, pitch your suggestions, and help shape the site, with
active moderation that is never done with bots, you can be sure your reports will be handled properly. So come on in,
and let's start creating shall we?
The permanent one is this: