Windows 7 BlackoM2 Demo + ISO Link
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eclecRC Nov 09, 2023 ()
Windows 7 "BlackoM2" is the successor project to the "Vista7" archive by WinClient5270 and myself. Essentially, this is an updated ISO of 7 Pro or "Business" x64, tweaked to resemble pre-release 7 and Vista. It is not a clone of any specific build, but rather a compilation of my favorite elements of 7/Vista. Visually, it leans more toward Vista.

This is a pre-configured ISO. I wanted to phase out cumbersome archives and manual installation. It was a great learning curve for me, and a first of its kind! No auto clickers or any other such junk are utilized here. I essentially created my own restore disc using Audit Mode, akin to OEM restore discs.

Please, do not request new ISOs from me. This was a passion project, mostly created for my own personal usage.

More information + download mirrors here:

THOROUGHLY read through the release notes before asking questions. Inquiries already addressed in the release notes will be considered SPAM.

Music Credit:

- KaizanBlu - Remember
- LunAeroMetro Remix - Nelly
- Ambient Technology - bProductions