Just walking around in a minecraft reindev server
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NetherFalcon Oct 27, 2023 ()
So i've been playing this beta 1.7.3 mod called reindev, it's basically old minecraft but with some more stuff into it making it more fun, it's more like a total conversion is how i would put it.

Anyway, there's a server called Viflcraft Reindev which is a survival type server, this video is just me walking around in the server, i would turn it into a series if y'all wanted to see it made into a series somehow, in the video i just sorta show stuff off like the watch tower and stuff.

If you want the server ip, here (it's not my server btw): reindev.milivojevic.in.rs

I might make a seperate video about reindev itself and might give a download link (which btw, it ain't my mod lol), also sorry if the video was short, i didn't feel like making a long video as of making the video and writing this.