Another PV that is a Sequel to the Previous one
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GissyEva Feb 16, 2023 ()
[Note to Headphone users: The song I used is -pretty loud-. If you watch/listen to videos at full volume, I suggest turning it down halfway]

So, I made a sequel to the last PV, except now I've decided to use a full song, rather than a part of a song. That and it's also (mostly) fully shaded. Why? Because I'm an insane woman, that's why.

Half way through, however, have switched from using a mouse to using my tablet. As fun as drawing on a music was, it was also a pain in the ass and drawing on a tablet feels super nicer.

I want to draw out what has sorta been on my mind, while also leaving it up for interpretation.

I'm sure that the lyrics of the song may not fit with the PV itself but it sounded nice. Yeah, it's a superficial, but hey, what can you do?

Song used: