Change in Russia, Inevitability, and the Burden of History Change in Russia, Inevitability, and the
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Ceesjhay Sep 17, 2023 ()
I used AI for the Lion's Share of the voicing, so the Russian pronunciation is often completely incorrect. Also, this represents a pretty broad overview of history, society, and literature. I'd like to get deeper into each of these themes (as I would like to think I have in some of my other videos), but everything flows.

Source of economic data:
25 Years of Transition: Post-Communist Europe and the IMF:

German continuity:

Deutsche Welle on the German Empire's genocide of Namibia, one of the German Empire's many crimes against humanity:

Spectacles on German bureaucracy and its influence:

Hans Georg Mueller on German essence:

Everything Flows:

A biography of MLK (King: A Life by Jonathan Eng):

The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus: