My Movie Collection 2022 Part 1: HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Collection (Over 40 Movies)
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TheVideoGamer64 May 06, 2022 ()
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Welcome to my video! In this video, I show Part 1 of my movie collection as of 2022! I show over 40 movies in this video between two formats, which are HD-DVD and Blu-Ray movie formats. I got movies ranging from action movies, comedy movies to horror movies, and Science Fiction movies! I am very happy and thankful to own every one of these movies in my collection.

Some of these films are not on the 4K movie format! The ones that are on 4K, I will upgrade them to 4K movie media format eventually! Some of the films are even steelbooks that includes the movies on Blu-Ray!

I get these movies from all over, such as the Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Best Buy, Walmart, Flea Markets, and other places! I only have one HD DVD movie in my entire HD DVD collection as of May 6th, 2022 due to them being very hard to find in my flea markets and garage sales that I go to, but when I find more, I intend to get any of them that I don't have except Warner Brothers movies, due to them failing after a certain amount of years which includes disc rotting! Luckily the movie that I show y'all is not a Warner Brothers title.

Interesting History Fact Of Physical Media Formats: HD DVD was released in the mid 2000s to compete with the other media format that I know in this video which is Blu-Ray. While HD DVD was an upgrade to DVD by quality, the format failed because of Blu Ray, so that is why we still have Blu -Rays out, because it is a popular Physical Media Movie Format!

This was originally recorded on my computer on Friday May 6th, 2022. Now it's on this website on May 6th, 2022. I hope all of you will find this video very fun and very entertaining to watch! If y'all did, feel free to comment your favorite movie that I own in my HD DVD / Blu Ray collection so far! Don't forget to subscribe to be notified when I made a new video! Enjoy everyone! Remember to Keep On Gaming & Keep Collecting Physical Media! :)

Update On May 6th, 2022: I will be continuing this series and it will be done by the end of 2022. I'm not for sure what to add in Part 2, but feel free to comment on what movie format should I show next in my movie collection of 2022! :)