Federal Signal STL-10│Cambridge Twp, Michigan│60FPS│3.25.2022
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Blixt1000 Apr 29, 2022 ()
I've always wanted to hear this STL-10 go off since 2019! And here I finally am.
This STL-10 is seated in the Irish Hills part of Lenawee County, which used to be a resort area. Still is, but was very popular in the 1970s. My father had fond memories while going here. Many of the theme parks are abandoned, some are not.
This is also the 1st siren video on my channel to fully rendered in 60FPS as I switched over my Canon from 30FPS, to 60FPS for ultra smooth video quality. The Panasonic MiniDV, and my 2 working VHS-C Recorders naturally record in 60FPS.
This thing was very loud. It rumbled the ground. It also has a rotting pole stump next to it. Sorta like the one in Canton that was formerly a 1003.
This siren is located at the St Joseph Shrine hall Over Flow Parking, an unpaved patch of gravel that serves as a Parking Lot. Located on the Intersection of US-12 & Egan Hwy.
Lenawee County test once a year on every 4th Wednesday of March @ 5:55PM. (State Wide Drill).
Equipment Used:
Canon EOS T7 Rebel - Main Shot
Panasonic PV-DV203D - Double Shot
RCA CC6151 - Retro Cam
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