Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T 1st Test│Deerfield Twp, MI│4.2.2022
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Blixt1000 Apr 29, 2022 ()
This was the very 1st test of this Thunderbolt. This Thunderbolt was restored, and was installed here in the countryside of Deerfield Twp on July of 2021. All the parts of the Thunderbolt were re utilized from other Thunderbolts that were in Westshore Services "Siren Graveyard". The Thunderbolt head is ex-Holland, MI, the pipe is ex-Flint, MI, and I'm not sure where the blower came from, but it too was reused with all the other parts to make this wonderful fully equipped Thunderbolt.
This Siren is Located at the 4-way of Columbiaville Rd & Skelton Rd
Lapeer County Tests on the 1st Saturday of the Month @1:00PM Except for November, December, January, February & March.
Equipment Used:
(2019) Canon EOS T7 Rebel - Main Shot
(2003) Panasonic PV-DV203D - Double Shot
(1999) RCA CC6151 - Retro Cam
(19??) Windsor IC Cassette Recorder - Audio Recording
(2007) Sony Net Sharing Cam GC-1 - Behind the Scenes Cam
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