(Failure Unit) Burning Erick Fire Siren│Bellevue, MI│2.5.2022
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Blixt1000 Apr 29, 2022 ()
So, in hopes of not making this February test like last years, we went all the way to Spring Arbor, and then Bellevue in hopes of getting a hearing of their 100 Year old Erick Fire Siren. Although, we only heard the Model 5 that is really close by. We heard the FSK tones and even Morse Code shortly after the test while taking photos & Polaroids of it. When we heard the Model 5 go off, we thought it was the Erick at first, but its was really quiet if it was the Erick. I decided to go up to the Erick and to my surprise, the chopper was not moving. And then, smoke started pouring out of the motor as seen on the video. The siren was frozen and the siren does not have any motor protection. That kept the motor energized and the motor tried to spin the chopper. If they had kept that thing on longer, it would probably be up in flames. This is also the oldest siren I've recorded so far dethroning the Hula-Drone in Toledo as this Erick is 100 Years old!
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