[MS Paint Animations] Edelgard's Sock Puppet Shorts #1: "A Little Duel for Ourselves" + EXTRA
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FrostyFlakes Mar 17, 2022 ()
Another old animation from my YT channel.

Edelgard's mocking voice was just too hilarious to pass out on so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do it so. Add in the fact that I've seen some pretty hilarious sock puppets modeled after Fire Emblem characters in the FEH subreddit... and this is the result.

This features a part of the Edelgard and Ferdinand support conversation in which she makes a mocking voice regarding following their ancestors' example by making a little duel among themselves. For some reason, I cannot unsee Edelgard using a sock puppet in that part of the conversation so I thought WHY THE HELL NOT?

The mental image gave me giggles and resulted in this really short and crack-filled video.

That aside, I originally intended to use only a regular sock puppet but after remembering that there are sock puppets modeled after Fire Emblem characters... cue the Ferdinand-inspired sock puppet.