Federal Signal RSH-10 (Thunderbeam)│Pleasant Lake, MI│3.5.2022

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Blixt1000 Apr 29, 2022 ()
Looks like Spartanburg's old RSH-10 has been de-throned by Pleasant Lake's RSH-10.
This was my 1st time seeing and hearing an RSH-10 in person and operating. I knew the deflector disc was having issues moving normally, but I did not expect it to be like the Thunderbeam Spartanburg, SC that had a really fast deflector disc like this one seen here.
This siren is located at the Henrietta Twp Clerk building: 11732 Bunkerhill Rd .
💠Jackson County Test on the 1st Saturday of every month @ 12:00PM (Noon)💠
Equipment used:
Canon EOS T7 Rebel - Main Shot
Panasonic PV-DV203D - Double Shot
RCA CC6151 - Retro Cam
Windsor IC Cassette Recorder - Audio Recording
Sony Net Sharing Cam GC-1 - Behind the Scenes Cam
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