Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T│Dansville, MI│3.5.2022

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Blixt1000 Apr 29, 2022 ()
After waiting for an hour, this thing actually went off.
A meetup was hosted here at this Thunderbolt. My original plan to go to Museum Dr Thunderbolt in Lansing was foiled thanks to the evil old EMA director who basically ruined the old system of Thunderbolts. As of now, the Thunderbolts await removal. I was still going to go to Lansing to see if their new 2001 Equinoxes would go off for the first time. But more people were going to go to Dansville, and it looked like that where all the fun was going to happen. So I decided to go to Dansville after the noon test at Pleasant Lake's Thunderbeam. So, we were all at Dansville, waiting for it to go off. 10 minuets in, nothing, 20 minuets in, we phone the Ingham EMA. 30 minuets in, a Fire Fighter arrives back to the station after a call (or how it seemed). 40 Minuets in, I contemplate why I went here and that I should've went to Lansing. 58 Minuets (basically an Hour), the Fire Fighter texts the EMA directors and then the Thunderbolt finally goes. Due to that, some of our cameras either died, or ran out of memory. I had to keep rewinding my tapes, and my handheld camera was on the brink of filling its 1GB Memory Stick. After all of that trouble, we finally got to hear a short, 30 second blast of the Thunderbolt. All that trouble, just for that.. I'm probably not going to do an Ingham siren for a while...
This Siren is Located @ The Ingham Twp Fire Dept in Dansville: 1420 Johnson St.
Ingham County Test on the 1st Saturday of Every Month @ 1:00PM.
Equipment Used:
Canon EOS T7 Rebel - Main Shot
Panasonic PV-DV203D - Double Shot
RCA CC6151 - Retro Cam
Windsor IC Cassette Recorder - Audio Recording
Sony Net Sharing Cam GC-1 - Behind the Scenes Cam
I am not liable for any misuse of media from this video.
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