30 Movies That I Got Recently Part 1: Movies On 4K & DVD & VHS Tapes (Old Video)
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TheVideoGamer64 Jan 05, 2022 ()
#4KMovies #DVDs #VHS
Hey everyone, in this video of mine, I show y'all a total of 30 movies that I got recently that I am keeping. I actually got over 50 movies recently, but these are the movies that I got recently that I'm keeping. I am happy and thankful as always for everything that I get!

I got most of these movies that y'all see in this video for free, except 1 VHS tape, 2 DVDs, and 1 movie on 4K. This video was originally recorded on my new computer on June 9th, 2021. Now it is on here on January 5th, 2022. I hope y'all enjoy this video of mine as well. If y'all did, feel free to comment your favorite movie out of these movies that I got , I would love to hear y'alls answers, feel free to like or rate this video, and Subscribe to my channel to see more videos on here. Enjoy everyone! :)