6 Movies That I Got On VHS Recently

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TheVideoGamer64 Mar 25, 2022 ()
#VHS #VHSTapes #MoviesOnTape
In this video of mine, I show six movies that I added to my VHS Tape collection recently! One of the films is a Disney classic film called Pinocchio, the others are Western, Action, Science Fiction, and a film that is a military film called Good Morning Vietnam. I am proud to have these movies in my VHS Tape collection. This was originally recorded on my new computer on March 25th, 2022, now it's on this website on March 25th , 2022. I hope y'all enjoy this video on my channel. If y'all did, feel free to comment, like / rate this video and subscribe to see my current and future videos on here. Enjoy the video everyone! Remember To Keep On Gaming, & Keep On Collecting! We All Need To Keep Physical Media Alive! :)