My Gaming Finds On Ebay Part 2: Sega Saturn & X-Box & X-Box 360
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TheVideoGamer64 Jan 25, 2023 ()
#MyGamingFinds #SegaSaturn #SSG48Resurrected
Hello everyone, welcome to Part 2 of My Gaming Finds On Ebay! In this video I talk about and show the Sega Saturn game and controller, the Original X-Box games, and the X-Box 360 game that I added to my gaming collection recently. I also talked about me resurrecting my SegaSaturnGamer48 channel by calling it SSG48Resurrected. As a celebration to 10 years of me being TheVideoGamer64 and SegaSaturnGamer48 I kept my TheVideoGamer64 channel name and changed my other channel to SSG48Resurrected.

I hope y'all enjoy my video if y'all did, feel free to consider subscribing to me on this channel and my SSG48Resurrected channel to see more videos on here. Enjoy everyone and keep on gaming! :)
Here's the link to my SSG48Resurrected channel: