My Gaming Finds On Ebay Part 1 It's Strictly X-Box
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SSG48Resurrected Jan 22, 2023 ()
#SegaSaturnGamer48 #TheVideoGamer64 #MyGamingFinds
Hello everyone, I am back on this channel again, I was TheRetroGamingMan64 on this channel, an still obviously known as TheVideoGamer64 on my other channel, but anyway, I brought my SegaSaturnGamer48 channel back, so basically I guess y'all can say I resurrected my SegaSaturnGamer48 channel. I called it SSG48Resurrected.

In this video, I show all of you my gaming finds that I got off of Ebay. I only show the Original X-Box games that I got in this video. Reason for me adding this video to this channel is because this was my first video of 2023, so I wanted to come to this channel with my latest video!

This was originally added to my TheVideoGamer64 channel on January 8th, 2023. Now it's on here on January 21st, 2023. I hope y'all enjoy the video, if y'all enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe to me to my TheVideoGamer64 channel and my SSG48Resurrected channels to see more gaming content on here. Enjoy! Keep On Gaming! :)