My Atari 2600 Collection As Of October Of 2021
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TheVideoGamer64 Oct 16, 2021 ()
#Atari #Atari2600 #TheVideoGamer64
Hello everyone. Welcome to my very first video on here. :) I love this website, it is a great website.

#Atari #Atari2600 #Atari2600Collection
Hey everyone, welcome to my video of me showing my Atari 2600 game collection as of October Of 2021. I show a total of nearly 60 Atari 2600 games in my gaming collection! (59 games for the system to be exact!)

I love the Atari 2600, it's one of my favorite consoles of all time. It's in my top 10 favorite Retro video game consoles of all time! :) I share some interesting facts about the Atari 2600 game system and other things about the Atari 2600 and some of it's games.:)

I highly recommend everyone that is into Retro gaming on getting an Atari 2600 to anyone that doesn't have one.The games are fun, simple, sometimes challenging, but overall, most of them are fun to play even to this day!

I do hope all of you enjoy this video on my TheVideoGamer64 channel. If y'all did, feel free to consider commenting, like / rate this video, and subscribe to my TheVideoGamer64 channel to see more gaming videos and my other videos! Enjoy everyone & KEEP ON GAMING! :)