My Entire PS5 & PS4 Collection As Of February 2022
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TheVideoGamer64 Feb 21, 2022 ()
#PS5 #PS4 #GamingCollection2022
Hey everyone welcome to my video, tomorrow is my birthday! :) In this video of mine, I show all of you my entire PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 collection and plus 2 new PS5 games that I got recently! I got all of these games over the past few months. I was getting PS4 games before I got my PS5, because I knew I would need games to play on when I got the PlayStation 5!

I own over 15 games in my PS4 and PS5 collection currently and it is rapidly growing very fast! I am a huge fan of the PlayStation 5 from its backwards compatibility to the games in general! They're so many great games for the PS5 when it's backwards compatibility, it has realistic graphics in the games, the gameplay of the games is great which that is all that really matters about gaming is the gameplay!

I highly recommend y'all to get the PlayStation 5 whenever y'all can, because everything is so good about the PS5. It's my favorite new console of all time while the Nintendo Switch is my 2nd favorite new gaming console! While the Nintendo 64 has my heart in gaming, so does my PS5! :)

This was originally recorded on my new computer and added to this website on February 21st, 2022. I hope all of y'all will find this video entertaining. If y'all did, please feel free to consider subscribing to see more retro , current, and future gaming videos on this channel. Enjoy everyone and remember to KEEP ON GAMING AND KEEP COLLECTING WHAT Y'ALL LOVE TO COLLECT!! :)