My ASTRO's PLAYROOM Random Gameplay Part 1 (PlayStation 5)
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TheVideoGamer64 Dec 27, 2021 ()
#AstrosPlayroom #PlayStation5 #PS5
Hello everyone, welcome to Part 1 of my random gameplay of Astro's Playroom. This is my first PlayStation 5 Gameplay video and my first PS5 game that I have played!

The Astro's Playroom game was released in the Sony PlayStation 5 in the year of 2020. It is a game that automatically comes with the PS5 console. I am so happy and thankful for the Sony PlayStation 5 and the games that I got recently. I will be showing them in my next video!

In my opinion, Astro's Playroom is an awesome game, and it is one of the best PlayStation 5 games that has released so far! The game was created by Team Asobi and published by Sony on November 12th, 2020. I hope y'all will find my first PS5 random gameplay entertaining and enjoyable!! :) Feel free to comment your thoughts on the game and feel free to like / rate this video and subscribe to my TheVideoGamer64 channel to see more videos on here! Enjoy everyone and KEEP ON GAMING AND KEEP COLLECTING!! :)