My Secret of Mana Random Gameplay Part 1 (PS5)
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TheVideoGamer64 Jan 18, 2022 ()
#SecretOfMana #SecretOfManaRemake #RPGs
Hello everyone, welcome to Part 1 of my random gameplay of Secret Of Mana Part 1. This game was released on the Super Nintendo originally back in the 1990s, but this version released by Square Enix in 2018 for the Sony PlayStation 4. This was recorded on my PlayStation 5 so that's why I put PS5 in the video title. The Snes version is a great version and so is this remake. I recommend everyone getting either the original version on Super Nintendo or the remake on the PlayStation 4. It's known as one of the best RPGs ever made and for good reason! I honestly think it is one of the very best RPGs in gaming history!! :)

I think Square Enix did a wonderful job on doing this wonderful remake for us older gamers, new gamers, and upcoming gamers to enjoy! It's really fun to play! I give it either a nine or a ten out of ten stars!! :) I first played this and was immediately got addicted to this wonderful Role Playing Game or RPG for short! I made this video as my first time playing the remake of Secret Of Mana and to show y'all how wonderful it is, so that's what I did!

This was originally recorded on my Sony PlayStation 5 on January 16th, 2022, and added to WeVidi on January 18th, 2022. I hope y'all will truly enjoy this video and find it very fun and entertaining to watch! If y'all enjoy this video and find it cool or entertaining, feel free to consider to subscribe to my TheVideoGamer64 channel on this website to see more videos of Retro Gaming & Modern Gaming, and other types of videos. Also feel free to rate this video 5 stars if you liked the video and don't forget to comment on this video, enjoy everyone! Remember to KEEP ON GAMING AND KEEP COLLECTING WHAT Y'ALL LOVE TO COLLECT!! :)