My Latest Finds That I Got Recently!
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TheVideoGamer64 Apr 05, 2022 ()
#PlayStation5 #PlayStation4 #PhysicalMedia
Hey everyone, I am back, in this video, I show y'al my latest pickups that I got recently. The latest pickups that I got recently are movies on DVD, movies on Blu-Ray, Music on CDs, & games on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4!! I also explain why I haven't made a video in around 10 days.

I show a total of 14 things that I got since my last video! I am so proud to own them all and I'm happy and thankful to own all of them in my gaming, movie, and music collection! :) This was originally recorded on my computer on April 5th, 2022. Now it's on this website on April 5th, 2022. I hope all of you will enjoy and find this video entertaining. If y'all did, feel free to comment and rate / like this video and if you're new, don't forget to subscribe to my channel to see more future content on here! Enjoy the video everyone and remember to keep on gaming, keep collecting what y'all love, and keep on collecting physical media!! :)