My Movie Finds From The Garage Sale That I Went To
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MovieCollector64 Apr 30, 2022 ()
#GarageSaleFinds #VHSTapes #DVDs In this video of mine, I show y'all four movies that I got on VHS and one DVD that I found all in one garage sale! I got some western movies, a Science Fiction film, and more! I got these film for 6 dollars total for all 5 films! I am very happy and thankful for these films to be added to my movie and physical media collection! I'm a proud video game collector especially with Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and Atari and a proud movie collector on any format such as VHS Tapes, Betamax Tapes, DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu Ray, and 4K.

This was originally recorded on my computer on April 27th, 2022. Now it's added to this site on April 30th, 2022. I hope y'all enjoy the video. If y'all did, feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe to me to see more videos! Enjoy the video everyone and remember to keep on gaming and keep collecting physical media, because we need to keep physical media alive as long as possible! :)

Note: My next video that will be added on here will be either the video games that I got recently, or 11 movies that I got on VHS recently from the Goodwill, either way, I hope and think that y'all will enjoy the video and finding it entertaining!!

I will be making a video of one of them sometime in the week of May 1st - May 8th of 2022. I make videos strictly physical media related for fun on my PhysicalMediaGuy64 channel because I love physical media more than Digital, I collect things for fun and show my finds to y'all to entertain y'all! :)