More Stuff That I Got Recently & Games That I Have Been Playing Episode 1
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TheVideoGamer64 Nov 08, 2021 ()
#SegaGameGear #CassetteTapes #GamesIHaveBeenPlaying
Hello everyone, welcome to my latest video! I hope y'all had a nice and wonderful day! In this video of mine, I show y'all my latest stuff that I got recently, such as some VHS Tapes, Music Cassettes, a Trading Card, and of course some video games! :)

I also start a new series called Games That I Have Been Playing! In this series, I will be showing games out of my entire video game collection that I have been playing. I hope the series will be a fun and an entertaining series to y'all like it is with me. :) I am very happy and thankful for the stuff that I have got recently! Even though the Sega Game gear doesn't work, I am still very happy to own it to my gaming collection. I got an extra game with it and soon I will be getting parts to try to fix it or get one of my best friends to fix it!

This was originally recorded on here on my new computer and added to my TheVideoGamer64 channel on here on the same day on November 8th, 2021. I hope y'all will find this video very fun and entertaining to watch. If y'all did, feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe to see more videos on here! Enjoy the video everyone! Remember to KEEP ON GAMING AND KEEP COLLECTING WHAT Y'ALL LOVE!! :)